A Life, by Emeline Gilhooley

eyes sore voice cracked bloodied and hoarse bodies weary chipped nails forked tongues looking for some​​ place to rest somewhere calm over that hill the mountain the desert the ocean the forest the moors no can't not yet it's not over yet it might never be over we can’t stop can’t slow down can’t not yet please not yet please we must sit still and look at the wreckage look at what this once was do you remember do you remember do you remember do you remember what it was like do you remember before do you remember who we were  do  you  remember  who   we   are? Who   we   have   time   to   be?  We    have    time   to    grow   and    grieve.    We     have     time     to     live.     A        simple,     slow,     still        life.   A       life      full      of      little      laughs      and      wonder       and        boredom.      A       life        full          of           mundane               joys           and              time.     A      life      where      we         can       forget      to        be      grateful.   A         life      where      we      can    grow       soft     and       lined.        We         will           look        

​​   back     

  and       see         what        was        and        we       will       cry     and   

 we         will          carry           on. 




Published 28th of January 2024



About Emeline Gilhooley

Emeline Gilhooley is 25 years old and currently works as a copywriter in Sheffield. She likes bird and squirrel watching. She had a brain tumour that she called Tallulah. Her poem ‘Mrs Beetson’ has been published in the After Hours anthology