We encourage unknown and emerging writers to submit their work to Pulp Poets Press. We want to create a platform where new and engaging writing can be discovered. That being said, anyone is welcome to submit.



We are looking for poetry on any theme regardless of form. However, all poetry submitted should be modern – the Romantics are dead, we don’t want writing that emulates outdated styles. It should be contemporary, fresh and represent your own voice – it is unique so use it.

Submit up to four poems at a time in the body of an email to


The Other

We are looking for writing that doesn’t sit easily among the poetry and prose camps. Please send your work in the body of an email or pitch an idea if it is over 2,000 words. Please state ‘The Other’ in the subject line of your email. 

We are highly unlikely to publish work that is in the form of a short story or traditional flash fiction.  


General Guidelines

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. However, please let us know if part/all of your submission has been accepted elsewhere first – congratulations.

We are only looking for previously unpublished writing, the only exception to this being if you have had work published in an online journal that no no longer exists (please provide details). Otherwise, please do not submit anything that has been published elsewhere (this includes on a personal blog, social media site, self-published collection, etc.).

We ask for first publication rights but the copyright reverts back to the author on publication. We just ask that if your work goes on to be published elsewhere (again, congratulations) that you reference in that publication that it was first published with Pulp Poets Press.

Apologies, at the moment we cannot offer any form of payment to contributors.

Please include a 50 word, third-person bio along with your submission. This will in no way effect your submission; it is there for reader interest alone. Please  feel free to reference any websites or blogs you manage. Please include a twitter handle  if  you have one so we can include you in the tweet we will send to promote your work.

All work should be that of the author sending the submission. We accept submissions on the understanding that it is the author’s original work.

Please wait for a response before submitting more writing, we will always respond.

Also, it would be really helpful if you could let us know how you found out about us.

We are not currently accepting translations.