Baby, by Rickey Rivers Jr.

Pain sounds different coming from someone you love.
A mother recognizes her child’s cry in a crowded place.

Have you ever noticed that all babies seem to have a similar cry?
Many times abandoned ones have been found in dumpsters, likewise so have cats.

When hungry, cats can simulate the sound of a baby crying.
When I found mine I didn’t know it would grow so quickly.

Feeding it human food wasn’t a problem, back then.
My child, my stray, grew big and tall and soon ran away.


Published 5th February 2019


About Rickey Rivers Jr.

Rickey Rivers Jr was born and raised in Alabama. He’s a writer and cancer survivor. His poetry has appeared in Former Cactus, the Ginger Collect, Vamp Cat Magazine, and is forthcoming in Mojave Heart Review, Royal Rose Magazine and a Twist in Time Magazine (among other publications). /