“C”, by Brooke Nicole Plummer

Countryside wildflowers. The symbols of our ancestry. The vineyards bulging with violet fruits. It’s my day off and I’m cruising something faster than the speed of me. And I know we have memorized these sights: jumping into the lagoons, the winding routes leading to Dragoon, bruised crab apples in the driveways. And we have outgrown what we once conceptualized as “invincibility”.

The aphids on browning twigs, crawling with intent. We are consciousness on the playing board. A whole existence dependent on instinct, and like them, I have an appetite for something cellular. I require consumption at the basis of something all becoming. More bottle caps will appear throughout these rental properties, while eventide droops onto haystacks I lean against and I burn down CBD flowers. The hours burn into themselves. We are onlooking countryside visions. We defy these fully grown bones and conceptualize this “invincibility”, once again.

Do you notice the cycle now? Letting natural be, and being with it. I need more frozen blueberries, liquid canned Stevia, and pharmaceuticals, then I will be. A newspaper was ripped and waving in the wind as thin scraps. The headline was about snapping the necks of Canadian geese by the hundreds because high-nosed lap-dog walkers refused to detour from their shit on the ground. The geese’s shit, I mean. But the “go-ahead” to kill was passed. Now, the sound of a mile-long limb-snap-gong and Ecological haunting lives on the river tips. Forever.
If you long for the concept of a “happier ending” — keep your eyes closed,
or, momentarily, keep in the conviction
of “invincibility”.


Published 12th of April 2019


About Brooke Nicole Plummer

The Rotten Fruit (legally known as Brooke Nicole Plummer) quietly dwells in your cornucopias, showering love onto her two cats, Ginsberg & Amoria, while  reminiscing about cataloging George Washington’s eulogy.  Her work can be found in Wordplay Anthology Edition I and II, Paper & Ink Zine, Twykenham Notes, Terror House Mag, Ursus Americanus, (b)OINK Zine, & some academic journals. Her first chapbook, FLYOVER, COMPILED NOTHINGS, was released in the fall of November, 2018.