dog as the inside of a moral compass tuning, pt ii, by Catherine Windham

old    thing, cancerous lumps in the important parts   head 

spinning  on the vet’s table like rabbit    legs:

i have been   so much more than what i am   now;

i once   sunk my teeth   into flesh and felt nothing

but i can’t speak   for the body of the bird.  


denial on most sides of the vacant   eyes facing 

the ceiling, the lack of muscular   cardiovascular activity, 

the waiting on the   lights to fade out, a lesson: 

the decision   to live belongs to you only   

until something bigger   decides that it doesn’t.


Published 17th of September 2019


About Catherine Windham

Catherine Windham is a poet on the east coast who appreciates her cat, used bookstores, and borrowing t-shirts with few intentions of returning them. Her work is published in Bone & Ink and Vagabond City, among other places, and she can be found on twitter at @healingsoft.