eggnog taffy, by Brooke Nicole Plummer 

There is plenty
of time
to watch lapses
of overcast
move above.

For now,
I watch
my younger siblings
shape eggnog taffy
into humpback whales—

dexterity &
imaginative whims.

How else
to stay intact?

Internalize the lives
between quotations.

Remember how
I have wronged you.

Make a career
out of spotlighting fractures
within a woman—
reluctant-mosaic & thus so—
questionably so.

In the midst of matching
the weather
selected oncoming Blizzard,​

I must distinguish myself
in a quieter, slower setting—

everything else
can speak
for itself.


— Published 11th December 2018 


About Brooke Nicole Plummer 

Brooke Nicole Plummer dwells in the Midwest region, reminiscing about cataloging George Washington’s eulogy & showering love onto her two cats, Ginsberg & Amoria.  Her work can be found in Wordplay Anthology, Paper & Ink Zine, Twyckenham Notes, Terror House Mag, Ursus Americanus, (b)OINK Zine, & some academic journals. Her first chapbook,   FLYOVER, COMPILED NOTHINGS , was released in November of 2018.