Harvest, by Ash Slade

big road sign
pick’em from trees like giants
apple harvest
jack-o-lantern orange pumpkins
sip sweet fall cider,
soft crisp crunch
fire engine red, red on green
row upon row, apple pickers pick
fall; composting clay, autumn ambrosia
in a bite
pumpkins overflow
stacked up high.

red barn store
wood baskets, barrels
sweet red paint balls
snatched from outstretched
witch’s hands, cajoling
their symmetry is
like poisonous snake venom
pears, vegetables
root beer logs, peppermint pieces
paper sack, homemade cookies
crumbly donuts dusted in snow
brown bag packed tight
like children bundled for snow
piled in car
headed to cradle.


Published 14th of March


About Ash Slade
Ash Slade lives in a small Connecticut town. He enjoys collecting poetry books, journals, and pens. In his spare time, hobbies include: spending time with friends and family, reading, and shopping. Past publications include The Blue Nib and Circus Of Indie Artists: Nevermore Edition edited by Dale Bruning.