My brain writes a recipe:, by Beth O’Brien

My brain writes a recipe:

Slice up your self-esteem into even chunks
and arrange it on the chopping board
in a way you’d be proud to instagram.

You’re better deconstructed.

Transfer said chunks into a pan of boiling water
and leave to soften,
in case you weren’t already weak enough.

Pretend it’s the onions that are making you cry.

You have never looked so delicious,
but to be sure, add a filter.

Then scrape everything into the bin
because you weren’t hungry to begin with.

But post the photo anyway
so it doesn’t go to waste.


Published 31st January 2019


About Beth O’Brien

Beth O’Brien is a third year English Literature student at the University of Birmingham. She has had work published with Foxglove Journal, Nine Muses Poetry, Dear Read Poetry, Eunoia Review, and Bella Online Literary Review. She is a reviewer for Mad Hatter Reviews and Riggwelter Press.