(No) more to say, by Beli Evans

Today I am resting.
The thoughts that followed me to the kitchen
may sit on the counter
and dangle their legs
while I brew this tea,
and let them have their say.

Today I told you that I love you,
and that I hate you,
and you said, okay, and I said,
And we stopped arguing,
for the first day, in the weeks
since we last spoke.
Today you aren’t here, and it feels like it,


Published 30th of January 2022


About Beli Evans

Beli Evans (@calcifications) is a poet and fiction writer from Wales. They were the 2019 Literature Wales Under 25 Writers Bursary recipient, finishing a long fiction piece first developed in their undergraduate years at Dartmouth College. Their work contemplates the loneliness and longing of their queer autistic experience, grappling with how to reinhabit a body that never felt fully tangible.