Panorama, by Dominic James

… as glad as anyone to be
among the young on Primrose Hill
looking on the Autumn-tide’s
park lawns, abundant hues,
Thames-side architecture
and dramas of the beautiful –

or nearly so – in the idiom;
living their best lives. We smile,
figure out a camera shot
from the periphery of things
tie-in a thought or two
or try and fail: no matter.

In a stumpery of towers
sitting sound and centre;
St Paul’s ancestral, stone
cathedral top the constant
hedged-in by the new,
kicking leaves to Camden.


Published 28th of January 2024


About Dominic James

Dominic James lives in Glos near the source of the Thames. He follows poetry meetings along the M4 Corridor valley and has hosted events in his local town, Stroud. With work recently accepted by Dreich Magazine and dodging the rain, his second collection, Smudge, was published by Littoral Press, 2022.