The splash you made, by Florence Hall

I feel your long, cat-arch body plunge down into the black water,
the autumn petals radiating out from the splash you made.

You surface a deep breath away from me,
the murky tresses of your hair holding your gangly limbs together.
You break through nose first to nudge your lips into the clotted air.

I welcome the pin-pricks of spray that settle over me,
as back underneath the water you swim,
strong and purposeful, in my direction, before breaching
and planting a lake creature kiss on top of my feet.


—Published 11th of March 2024


About Florence Hall 

Originally from the Yorkshire Dales, Florence is a student studying English literature at The University of Oxford. Florence has recently been published in Popshot magazine, SINK magazine, and a publication in the Oxford-based Lunchbox magazine is forthcoming.