Who She Is, by Ann van Wijgerden

Listening to the internal tide

Her mattress an echo chamber crackling

Rippling out in a thousand creaks

Mimicking the catching of her lungs


Fabric of time trips up

Streams forward then

Slips sideways


Rolling fuselage 

Across abandoned plains

Whistling grass in

Forgotten runway


Tortured hysteria as

Child ripped from breast

Wail tearing skies

Anguish trained refined focused


To soldering blue flame


Published 11th of October 2018


About Ann van Wijgerden

Ann van Wijgerden is an Englishwoman married to a Dutchman – hence her ongoing battle to pronounce her own name – and lives in Manila, the Philippines. Ann works at an NGO which tries to ensure children living in some of the worst slum areas of the city are able to complete their education, from preschool to university;www.youngfocus.org. While teaching English is her passion, and speaking is her joy, writing keeps Ann reasonably sane.

Blogs at: https://medium.com/@annvanwijgerden and https://crackedceiling.blog/blog/