Woodland Stream, by John Homan

Gliding through still water,
dusk falls without dread.
Bathed in blue & green twilight,
accented by the blossomed trees.

The native removing the need for the manufactured.
Triumphing without violence or rhetoric.
Birdsong, running water and late afternoon breezes, 
erase the cacophony of arguments within one’s own self.

Just as we forget the stars when living
in a city of fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs. 
One forgets…

How the water cools.
How the green multiplies.
How the peace deepens.
How the silence overcomes.


Published 7th February 2019


About John Homan


John Homan is a poet and percussionist from Bend, Oregon. He is a graduate of Indiana University. His work has appeared in Chiron Review, Misfit Magazine, Mojave Heart Review, and 
Constellate Magazine among others. He lives in Elkhart Indiana with his wife, daughter and their two cats, Henry and Lucy.