Worms In My Brain Comment on My Anti-Depressants, by Jordan Ranft

you lock doors and

lick the shadows​​ 

from their feet  

mourning wreath still 

clasped to your neck

as you brew your coffee

& weep for no reason

despair invisible 

until it empties 

the animal from you 

like a church bleeds 

its​​ congregation 

upon the street

there is a coin

pressed between​​ 

your thumb and palm

that stays cold

no matter what

as a boy you fell

deeply in love

with flooded roads

and pictures

of empty houses

now winter leaps 

from your muddy skull

onto the​​ chessboard

where you’ve replaced 

every piece with yourself 

& passed out knives

a cold flame eats

through the walls 

as a window opens

you notice a beginning

& we suppose now

a possible end.




  • Published 7th​​ of December​​ 2022



About Jordan Ranft


Jordan Ranft lives in NYC with his partner and small dog. He writes poetry and music criticism. He has been previously published in Rust + Moth, Bodega, and Midway.